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Workers' Compensation

Being injured while at work and are suffering from work-related trauma or wound can be a tough time, not only on your part but also to your loved ones. Filing a workers’ compensation claim can be time-consuming, labor intensive, and stressful, especially if you had to recover from serious physical trauma or wound. Some injuries may cause continuous trauma creating long-term cumulative and permanent physical and emotional disfigurement. 

Our services include the following cases:

Our services include injuries cases by construction accidents, third-party claims, exposure to harmful regulated or unregulated chemicals. See also Personal Injuries section.


If qualified, the Workers Compensation Law allows claimants to recover for lost wages, permanent damages, and other reimbursement subject to the severity of the case.

In the event you have to have suffered a workplace trauma or showing signs of acquiring an occupational disease:

1.       Inform your employer immediately about the incident and do not wait

2.       Call Attorney Ron Nolan at 661-964-0441 for a free consultation

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